Random Africa Phone Generator

Random Africa Phone Generator
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Online Africa Phone Number Generator: Provides Area Codes and Phone Prefixes for 53 Africa Countries and 8533 Cities. You can also generate a wide range of personal information for individuals in Africa, including names, phone numbers, occupations, birthdays, and more.

Random Africa Phone

☏ Zimbabwe☏ Zambia
☏ Uganda☏ Tunisia
☏ Togo☏ Tanzania
☏ Sudan☏ South Sudan
☏ South Africa☏ Somalia
☏ Sierra Leone☏ Seychelles
☏ Senegal☏ Sao Tome and Principe
☏ Rwanda☏ Nigeria
☏ Niger☏ Namibia
☏ Mozambique☏ Morocco
☏ Mauritius☏ Mauritania
☏ Mali☏ Malawi
☏ Madagascar☏ Libya
☏ Liberia☏ Lesotho
☏ Kenya☏ Côte d'Ivoire
☏ Guinea-Bissau☏ Guinea
☏ Ghana☏ The Gambia
☏ Gabon☏ Ethiopia
☏ Swaziland☏ Eritrea
☏ Equatorial Guinea☏ Egypt
☏ Djibouti☏ Congo
☏ Kinshasa☏ Comoros
☏ Chad☏ Central African Republic
☏ Cabo Verde☏ Burundi
☏ Burkina Faso☏ Botswana
☏ Benin☏ Angola
☏ Algeria

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